Attractive Bunnies Think Their Dad Is a Golden Retriever

One of the cutest animals on the planet are the little, jumping rabbits. They are also endlessly adorable due to their almost long ears and slight snores. Bailey, a gorgeous Golden Retriever with cream-colored hair, received bunnies in this video. When he placed the bunnies next to him one at a time, this kind titan hopped into his owner’s bed.

The owner was shocked when the bunnies accepted Bailey as their father with no hesitation and showed no sign of fear for him. Additionally, Bailey gave the thumbs up to all four of them by allowing them to play with his hair and hop around him. With Bailey’s quiet presence and worried attitude, it was obvious that the rabbits felt safe and protected.

After some time, Bailey and the bunnies met another friend, a small bird by the name of Sky. Skies also connected with them, his inquisitive eyes clinging to the animated rabbit.

In “Unlikely Friendships,” Jenny Hollands writes that adoptions between domestic animals are frequently happening since the more older animals tend to feel responsible for the well-being of the younger.

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