When She Finds Squirrels “Inside” Her TV, the Dog Becomes Slightly Frightened

A nice puppy named Stella has a minor fixation with squirrels.

The golden retriever/Chow chow mix likes to watch her grass from the back porch when the weather is pleasant. She keeps a sharp lookout for any sneaky squirrels that might barge in.
Her mother, Bronwyn Crawford, said that Stella’s favorite thing to watch is the squirrels.

Dog Freaks Out When She Sees Squirrels 'Inside' Her TV - The Dodo

However, Stella spends less time outside in the winter because the squirrels prefer to stay in their trees where she can’t see them. Although Stella enjoys playing with a plush squirrel, she finds that watching squirrels in the wild is far more exciting.

Crawford and her partner searched for a different form of entertainment for Stella, and they eventually discovered a TV program created specifically for her.

Dog Freaks Out When She Sees Squirrels 'Inside' Her TV - The Dodo

Stella was immediately enthralled by the close-ups of birds, chipmunks, and her beloved squirrels when Crawford put on a YouTube clip of “dog TV.” The video’s ability to keep her entertained astounded her parents.

Crawford remarked, “We put it on for her and noticed how focused she was. She hadn’t previously paid much attention to the TV, so her reaction was hilarious. Stella’s parents appeared to have been able to bring the neighborhood squirrels straight up to her. The rescued dog is now insatiable.

Dog Freaks Out When She Sees Squirrels 'Inside' Her TV - The Dodo

She sat there for about an hour, but even now, according to Crawford, she waits for me to switch on the TV for her. I’ve also set her up in her bed with my iPad to watch it. ”

Stella’s owners are pleased that they have been able to enhance their dog’s quality of life. She has infused our lives with so much love, “Crawford added. She is very sassy.

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