This Friendly Puppy Has the Perfect Fun for Long-haul Passengers

While Huxley and his mother were preparing for his first trip from London to Ibiza, the young dog grew incredibly bored.

Huxley’s mother  said  “He got in a temper, as he frequently does when I don’t pay enough attention.”

Puppy Entertains Passengers On Flight - The Dodo

Huxley made the choice to sit next to the man in front of them instead of his mother. The dog was hanging out with his new best friend and completely ignored his mother until he saw that she had opened a snack.

When he noticed me munching my crisps, “he quickly changed his tune,” Aitchison recalled.

Huxley tried to sneak a taste by sticking his head between the seats, but he was not quite successful. His other passengers couldn’t stop giggling at the faces he made. He exposed his teeth by sticking his tongue out. Then he proved to the entire plane that he is without a doubt the cutest puppy in the world.

Puppy Entertains Passengers On Flight - The Dodo

Huxley entertained his mother and the other passengers on the flight, despite the fact that he was unable to reach his mom’s snack. He did this until he grew bored with it and resumed making friends with those around him.
He remained in that seat for thirty minutes, and the passenger next to him praised him for being a responsible traveler.
Huxley kept reaching out his paw to grab hold of him. The man next to me, who was amusing a number of people, asked me to take his picture so he could give it to his daughter.

Puppy Entertains Passengers On Flight - The Dodo

There’s little question that Huxley spent most of the trip making his other passengers laugh because he had such a cute dog to look at and play with.

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