A Stray Dog Follows the Man Who Was Kind to Her

Mohd Ridhuan was having fun with his friends in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, when he discovered a pack of stray dogs. Since Ridhuan has always had a soft spot in his heart for animals, he felt compelled to intervene when he saw the starving puppies.

Stray dog tracks down workplace of man who was kind to her

“I tried to approach them and I took a risk since they might chase me,” Ridhuan stated. Surprisingly, they didn’t. They saw me, and their tails started to wag.
The four dogs rapidly started anticipating Ridhuan’s visits, especially a brown and white dog named Sally. Ridhuan started going to the beach whenever he had time to feed them.

Stray Dog Tracks Down Guy Who Was Kind To Her At Work - The Dodo

Sally discovered Ridhuan in his place of employment when he was unable to make his usual trip to the beach one day and wouldn’t let him leave.  She now lives in the shop, where she can spend a lot of time with Ridhuan.
Ridhuan constantly gives me a dejected look when I get back home, he said. She is clingy, joyful, and guardian.
Ridhuan said, “If I’m not there, I tell her to go to the restaurant and not play on the street.”
She waits for me while watching me or sleeping in the store.

Stray Dog Tracks Down Guy Who Was Kind To Her At Work - The Dodo

Ridhuan is currently looking for a loving home for Sally nearby because he is unable to maintain dogs in his apartment and wants to help her find a better life. In order to spread the word, Ridhuan has been tweeting about his relationship with Sally.

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