This Lab Raised Nine Abandoned Ducklings, and as a Result, He Is Now Well-known Online

You might be surprised by what this 10-year-old Labrador from Mountfitchet Castle in Stansted, United Kingdom, just did if you’ve never met a Labrador before. In your heart, you will know that this is what your lab would have done if you have ever had one. I’ll tell you about Fred now. He is a Labrador retriever who recently became a father and gained a lot of online interest.

He had no family, but he adopted nine abandoned ducklings. They were left alone after their mother abandoned them last week and didn’t return. They caused concern among the Castle staff, but Fred took care of them immediately. Fred looks over these nine ducklings as they ride on his back and swim in the moat. When they can, they also spend the night with Fred on the lawn.

“They adore him so much that he has decided to stay home and take care of the nine ducklings,” the lady who looks after Fred said.

Fred is anticipated to provide this type of assistance for a few more weeks. The ducks will be mature enough by that time to live independently on the Castle grounds.

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