The Dog and the Wild Toad Get Together Every Evening To Hang Out

The three-year-old Newfoundland is a gentle giant that constantly shows consideration and respect for children and smaller animals. Foxtrot’s mother, Rachel Koscelek, said, “Foxy is a very large dog and gets scared easily.” When children come to pet Foxy, she will sit very quietly. Foxy adores children.

Dog And Wild Toad Best Friends Meet Every Night - The Dodo

Foxtrot prefers to spend the hotter days lying on the garage’s cold floor or in her backyard’s tree shadow.

She first met Frogo, a little toad, in this manner:
“One night, Foxy sprang up and started running for a toad that had come hopping by while we were outside. I was worried that she might damage it, “Koscelek recalled. But she didn’t do anything; all she did was stand there and observe the toad. Foxy eventually plopped down next to it, and they simply sat there.

Dog And Wild Toad Best Friends Meet Every Night - The Dodo

Although Foxtrot and the toad appeared to have some form of understanding, Koscelek is unsure how they were able to communicate.

The following evening, Foxtrot was ready and waiting in the garage when her new friend returned. Koscelek saw that her dog seemed to be much more at ease with the toad, rushing over to sit down next to him.

Dog And Wild Toad Best Friends Meet Every Night - The Dodo

Foxy hardly registers on the scale compared to her best friend, who is almost 100 pounds lighter. For a few more nights, Foxtrot and Frogo continued their secret encounters.
Koscelek saw that Foxtrot was missing Frogo when he stopped tumbling about. Fortunately, Frogo hadn’t forgotten about his big friend.

Foxy “started lying on the rocks and waiting forever,” claims Koscelek. Foxy became aware of the toad on the road after a few evenings. She walked over to him, sat down next to him, and placed her paw on him.

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