After Being Saved, a Donkey Smiles From Ear to Ear

In Killorglin, County Kerry, the animal escaped from its stable on Saturday night because heavy weather had damaged the gate. The donkey was feeling well the next day trapped in a field and immersed in high floodwater. This occurred as a result of a nearby river overflowing its banks. After receiving a call from the donkey’s owner, Animal Heaven Animal Rescue requested assistance to save the animal.

The Killorglin Rowing Club’s Mike Fleming heard about it. He was able to wrap a rope and a floating device around the donkey and pull him to shore with the help of other people from the animal shelter.

According to a representative for Animal Heaven Animal Rescue, the donkey, now known as Mike after the person who saved him, is recovering at the shelter for animals while his stable is being repaired.

The shelter’s founder, Suzanne Gibbons, stated, “He is now drying with towels, eating a hot mash, and comfortable and warm. The veterinarian examined the donkey and also gave him medication to avoid pneumonia. He had some fluid in one lung, but our veterinarian says he will recover. He only needs a lot of love and attention.

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