A Golden Retriever Helped Save the Life of a Baby Koala. She Takes That Koala With Her to Her Residence

Asha, Kerry McKinnon’s Golden Retriever, and she had a great day together. But she received a surprise one morning! Her husband called her outside. When Asha got outdoors, she was lying on her back with a young koala on top of her.

The morning lows in Strathdownie during the wintertime can drop as low as 41F, which is too chilly for the tiny koala to spend much time outside. As a result of her first surprise, Kerry admitted to Asha that she wasn’t initially very supportive of her.

“She continued to stare at me with a confused expression on her face. Koala appeared a little guilty when I was there. She had a pretty amusing expression on her face. She continued returning her eyes to the koala, but she made no attempt to move him or take any other action. Asha was delighted to accept his hug.” said her husband.

Kerry sees a dog as a hero for saving a small animal. Kerry believes that dogs are guardians. Asha “saved the koala’s life because she kept him warm,” in Kerry’s words. He would have died if left alone for just one night. The unlucky creature might have been stolen by a fox or another animal.
She claimed that removing the koala from her dog’s back was “not simple.”

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