Despite His Desire To Travel, Pug Gets a Stinky Job

Although nothing about the pug or the circumstances of his escape from his home in Escobedo, Mexico is known for certain. We can only presume that his adventurous spirit found domesticity to be too confining. Clearly, this puppy wants to travel.

Runaway Pug Ends Up Riding In A Garbage Truck - The Dodo

Because he didn’t go very far, the pup’s time as a carefree traveler was limited.
It turns out that a few local Red Ambiental waste management employees noticed the puppy strolling around on his own and decided to “rescue” him. They tossed him in the cab of their garbage truck.


There’s a chance that the dog actually enjoyed his stinking work; after all, the vehicle undoubtedly had lots of the new, exotic odors the canine had been waiting for.

He would be let down, sadly, even if that were the fact. The garbage men located their owner.

Garbage Man Saves Dog He Found Inside Dumpster: 'She Could've Gotten  Crushed' - The Dogington Post

Naturally, that was the best result in the end, and as a result, Red Ambiental’s post on the incident has gained a lot of attention.

Perhaps while dreaming about this previous adventure, the little pug now understands that home life is actually pretty darn good.

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