A Dog Tries To Steal a Player’s Baseball Bat During a Game

The name of this lovely dog is Miss Lou Lou Gehrig. She works for the North Carolina Minor League Baseball team, the Greensboro Grasshoppers, as a bat-collecting dog, and it is clear that she adores her job.
That is, of course, if you let her.

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Lou Gehrig rushes in to take the bat after a hitter generally drops it after a hit. She is excellent at exactly what she does.
Recently, though, one of her team members felt the need to go and break the balance.

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This week, when in the box during a game, grasshopper Jhonny Santos decided to drop the bat at his feet after a pitch. Even though Santos only briefly dropped the bat before taking it up again. Miss Lou Lou Gehrig was already on her way to retrieve it.
The tale had been substantially altered by Santos, which puzzled the devoted bat-dog.

It’s quite clear who did it wrong.

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We wouldn’t necessarily demand that Santos be suspended for mistreating this obedient dog, but perhaps a hefty fine (paid in dog treats) would be more fitting.
In other words, despite the appearance that Miss Lou Lou Gehrig was attempting to take the bat, all she was doing was performing her duties. She did, however, unquestionably manage to win everyone’s hearts.

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