When a Store Discontinues a Dog’s Favorite Toy, They Send Him an Entire Box of Them

While shopping with his mother, Marley fell in love with a strawberry toy right away. After he selected it and made it clear that he needed it, his mother, Hayley Martin, purchased it for him. As a result, it quickly became his favorite toy.

Marley cherished and played with his strawberry toy for more than a year. It meant so much to him that when his mother met Pentatonix vocalist Kirstin Maldonado, she brought her a strawberry-flavored dog toy. She hopes that her dog would share Marley’s passion for it.
Unfortunately, Marley’s strawberry toy wore out after being played with nonstop for more than a year, and ultimately Marley’s mother had to throw it away.

Martin said, “It was on its last legs when it got wet and covered in mud, and washing it couldn’t save it.”
When Martin discovered that Marley couldn’t get a new strawberry toy because it had been discontinued, she was upset.

Marley, a skilled autism service dog, puts a lot of effort into supporting his mother on a daily basis. She started posting online, asking if anyone knew where she might obtain a replacement strawberry toy.

The owner of the store where the strawberry toy was sold must have received Martin’s message somehow, because he immediately got in touch with her. When she offered to send two strawberry toys, Martin was ecstatic.

When the package was finally delivered, she enthusiastically opened it, expecting to see the two toys inside, but what she found was a package containing 20 toys with a strawberry theme.
Marley was ecstatic to get not one, but twenty strawberry-themed toys, and his mother is overjoyed that he won’t ever have to part with his beloved toy.


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