This Mother Duck, Known as the “Super Mom,” Was Seen With 56 of Her Children

On the other hand, a mother duck is typically accompanied by five to 10 ducklings. On the other side, this mother, who was photographed with 56 kids in tow, has earned the title of “super mom.”

Photographer Brent Cizek has a keen interest in animals. In order to get closer to the animals he enjoys, he purchased a small boat last winter. He succeeded in capturing them in their natural environment as he had intended.

The photographer went to the major lakes in Minnesota throughout the summer. He was unaffected by the roughness of the Lake Bemidji water. It’s also a very good job. “That wasn’t the best plan, though, as the waves were moving my boat in the incorrect direction and there was a lot of wind that day,” Cizek explained.

But when he saw a mother common merganser pulling a trailer of ducklings, it boosted his expectations.  ” My heart started to beat as he got closer because I had never seen anything like it before”, he said. “I tried to take as many pictures as I could in the hopes that one of them would be exposed,” the photographer said. “I knew it was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to snapshots.”

“With her, I was able to count 76 infants. She picked up a couple more children on her way inside as a result. It’s amazing.

It will be a sad day when they finish their migration.

Scientists have found that mergansers frequently do this, but not all ducklings are related to the mother duck. It resembles a daycare center for ducklings or a childcare system. Nevertheless, as any parent who has children will testify, taking care of even one or two of them—much less than 76—represents a huge duty and a tremendous load.


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