How a Photographer Managed To Capture Harvest Mice While Hiding Through the Flower

These harvest mice were photographed in a studio, Miles said. “We provide a service for photographers looking to capture eye-catching images of animals. The fact that we work in a studio means that we are not affected by the weather. We can also shoot outside animal photos if the client requests them. Another one of our specialties is frogs.

Almost every animal we picture was raised in captivity. At a nearby wildlife reserve, the mice are reared before being released into the wild. Instead of harming wild populations, we prefer to employ captive-bred animals since they are more sustainable.

The mice receive a treat during the sessions since they enjoy eating the stamens and nectar of the flowers as Miles and his clients shoot amazing close-up shots. The photos were expertly captured and have vibrant colors. They will put a grin on your face no matter how horrible your day is. See for yourself how adorable they are by scrolling down.

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