The Family Dog Teaches Them To Give Him a Hug Before He Leaves

Max has never had a hard time learning a stunt. The 2-year-old cocker spaniel has taught his parents to utilize these skills because he is so good at learning new commands.

Dog Trains His Family To Give Him A Hug Goodbye When They Leave - The Dodo

Max places his paws on the bed when he needs a boost and rings a bell to signal to his parents that he wants to go outside. The best technique Max has perhaps taught his parents is how to hug him each morning before they leave.

I’m not sure when we became aware that we had been trained. Toope stated. “He usually waits until someone is about to leave, then he just jumps up for his hug.”

Dog Trains His Family To Give Him A Hug Goodbye When They Leave - The Dodo

Max is now limited to three hugs, which might be time-consuming if his parents are in a hurry to leave the house. But he demands hugs from everyone who enters the house, not just his family.

If they have simply been guests, he does this as they depart the residence, according to Toope. “Like the electrician, or the person from the water company, or the washer repairman! Everyone agrees.

My boyfriend and his dog give each other a hug every morning and I happened  to be behind him on the stairs this time : r/aww


When Max is the one going, he also distributes hugs, making sure to show everyone he loves them before departing. According to Toope, he likes to give each of the other individuals waiting for their dogs when we leave daycare a hug before coming to us.

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