The Bulldog Creates a Special Hole in the Fence To Allow Him To Observe People Walking By

The four-year-old English bulldog named Bogart loves to be the center of attention. Because of this, he was upset when his parents built a fence around their yard that was too high for him to see over.

Ranveig Bjrklid Levinsen, Bogart’s mother, told The Dodo that her husband had built a new fence since their elder dog could jump it. Bogart adored meeting new people every day because the Levinsens’ home was next to a well-traveled hiking trail in Denmark. Levinsen’s husband made the decision to cut two holes in the fence to satisfy Bogart’s demand to people-watch.

Bogart appeared happy, but the holes themselves didn’t look all that interesting. In order to add some humor, Levinsen thought it would be fun to paint the holes to look like picture stand-ins.

This Bulldog Loves Watching The Street Through A Hole, So His Owners Paint  2 Costumes On The Fence | Bored Panda

Levinsen continued, “I thought it would be great to paint the outside to seem like a theme park where you can get your picture taken.” My daughter Cecilie painted it, and I chose the jester’s hat and a crown. ”
Since Bogart is regarded as the family’s “little prince,” it makes sense that he favors the man with the crown.

Bulldog spends all day looking through fence holes, has no idea why people  are laughing at him

He is incredibly devoted, obstinate, and affectionate. According to Levinsen, he won’t do something if he doesn’t want to, according to Levinsen.
“He loves it when we have guests—the more, the merrier. “‘More attention for me,’ he seems to think.

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