Meet The New Grumpy Pet Cat

Meow’s owner claims that she is also quite elegant. She kept her calm, for instance, when she stayed at the hospital for her hyperthyroidism treatment. She obviously hated everyone and everything throughout her checkout, but Meow Meow was unique in that regard. Meow is one of the best cats around because she expresses her hatred for the world with such pride.

According to Clare, “I met her at an old pet shop.” She surprisingly claimed that Meow likely arrived before the late Irritated Feline. “For an unknown reason, her former owner abandoned her. “She was 10 months old at the time, so my younger sibling and I brought her home, where she became my first cat.”

Meow, according to Clare, is actually rather nice despite her grouchy appearance. She wakes me up every single day by massaging me with her paws.

The cat is a bit of a picky eater because she only enjoys one kind of canned cat food.

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