The Dog Who “Nearly Died From a Broken Heart” Acquires the Best Surprise

She constantly hung out with Reese’s best friend, Morgan. The two elderly rescues spent as much time together as they could, eating, sleeping, and cuddling. However, conditions for the close-knit pair changed when Morgan, who was 12 at the time, tragically passed away from renal sickness, and Reese’s grief had an impact.


Reese’s mother, Amy Thatcher, told The Dodo, “I baked her special doggy cupcakes and slept on a mattress on my living room floor for a bit so she could sleep with me. Because Reese adores puppies, I even picked up some foster puppies for a few days. Nothing appeared to be of assistance.
The condition of Reese’s health rapidly declined. She stopped eating and spent most of her days trembling in bed.

Thatcher made the decision to locate Reese, another friend to help the grieving canine fill the emptiness left by losing Morgan, because nothing appeared to lessen her suffering.

As I read through the available pups, Jeep’s appealing face struck my eye, Thatcher stated.  Due to Reese’s poor reaction to Morgan’s passing and my desire to spare her further suffering, I chose to adopt a younger puppy.

Thatcher was instantly smitten with Jeep when they first met. She was sure he would be Reese’s type.
Thatcher remarked, “Jeep has brought out this young, playful side of Reese. She still wants to play with her “little brother” even though she will be 14 in a month. She despises his absence from the house and is overjoyed when he does. Thatcher is also of the opinion. Nevertheless, Reese will always remember Morgan.


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