A Couple Made the Best Dog-themed Wedding Cake Ever

Even though Bear’s parents were already engaged when he joined them, they knew as soon as they laid eyes on him that they wanted him to be a part of their wedding.

They  made the decision to have a dog biscuit bar and party favors with Bear’s portrait on the reverse. Bear would follow his mommy down the aisle.

Bear’s mother, Roisin Bicklmeier, said, “We worked with the excellent Kake by Darci (located in Canmore, Alberta) and told her we wanted to integrate Bear into our wedding cake.”

I told her I had packed a small, golden figurine and was wondering if she might use him as a secret detail on the cake’s back, perhaps leaving dirty paw prints or something similar. She assured me that she would include him, but I didn’t realize what she had in mind until the big day.

When the big day finally came, Bicklmeier and her fiancé, Hunter, prepared Bear to be the star of the show. He accompanied Bicklmeier’s brother down the aisle .

He assured them, “Ladies, don’t worry, I’m still single,” and they all fell in love with him. Until everyone finally saw the cake, it appeared as though that particular moment would be the highlight.


The visitors praised it, according to Bicklmeier. In fact, everyone rushed over to take pictures of the cake’s back as soon as we finished cutting it! They thought it was simply adorable!

Bear received even more love from everyone as a result of the adorable cake, possibly more than his parents.

Bear had a great time at the wedding, according to Bicklmeier. “I’m rather certain he believed it to be just a party for him,”

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