Dogs Will Not Eat Unless Food Is “Transformed” Into Human Food

Ask this little puppy named Nitro; the best delicacies are those made with love. Fortunately for Nitro, his dad had an easy way to incorporate that particular ingredient into his dog’s food.

Nitro is by no means a food snob, but occasionally a bowl crammed with dog food doesn’t quite whet his appetite. The little dog wants something special on those days.

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Owner Zach Shepard said of Nitro, “He simply has his moments. He hasn’t always been a finicky eater. He is aware that the refrigerator contains the best food.

However, Shepard recently learned that Nitro doesn’t genuinely consider the meal to be what makes it wonderful. Instead, it’s more about perspective, which the pup can change pretty easily.

When Nitro gives his dad a “this again?” expression, Shepard now adds a sweet stage to the feeding procedure to make his dog’s food appear even more delicious.

He instantly makes the unpleasant food dish into something that is so much more delicious.

Shepard added, “I was actually astonished that it worked.”

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Shepard’s suggestion is considerably more appropriate given that “human food” which is undoubtedly connected with the refrigerator, isn’t necessarily healthy for dogs.  Love is the essential element in this situation.
Nitro is deserving of more.

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