A Small Dog Was Left in a Dumpster With Only His Dog Bed for Comfort

A small black and brown puppy was found happily sleeping on his dog bed in a dumpster. He had been together with several trash bags and an old watermelon. He had no chance of getting his head above the rubbish, yet he blended in.

Fortunately, a stranger noticed him. He alerted environmental authorities in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Shortly after that, the phone at the Greenville Humane Society started ringing.

Puppy abandoned with dog bed in Upstate dumpster

CEO Rachel Delport of the Greenville Humane Society told The Dodo, “We got a call inquiring whether we would be willing to accept him. Of course, we said “yes.”
Delport thought it distressing that a helpless animal would be dumped alone in the trash.
She said it was disheartening to see individuals not taking the right precautions when handling animals.

Coleman, the puppy’s later name, was overjoyed to be in the hands of people who loved him. He became much more outspoken and his personality started to flourish; he loved whatever attention he could receive.



Once he arrived, he was eager for some cuddles, according to Delport. He was showered with toys and love.

Puppy abandoned in Spartanburg County dumpster with dog bed | WACH

The humane society planned a photo shoot for Coleman. They have made sure he has all the resources required to be a wonderful adoption prospect.


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