Toy Thief: A Coyote Finds a Toy and Plays With It Like a Puppy

Two years ago, Pamela Underhill Karaz captured an incredible animal moment on camera; these images are getting popular online. On the 48-acre farm owned by the photographer in upstate New York, a coyote appeared in the driveway.

There are lots of coyotes nearby. Something on the ground caught the coyote’s eye. It was an animal-themed toy that belonged to one of the photographer’s dogs. The coyote approached it and sniffed it.

After that, the coyote took the toy and began playing with it. For five to ten minutes, the coyote played with the toy, throwing it into the air into the snow. The coyote eventually took off after its catch.

What happened is depicted in a collection of images titled “The Toy Thief.” The photographer’s Facebook page received a lot of attention after Mother Nature Network covered him in a story.

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