The Golden Retriever Fought off an Alaskan Bear That Tried To Enter the Yard

The video was initially posted on Facebook by Nicholas Galanin. Surveillance cameras captured the video on Sunday night and took a picture of the man.

This event took place in the Alaskan town of Sitka on Baranof Island. A region is famous for its number of Alaskan coastal brown bears. This is a species that is frequently confused with grizzly bears despite being quite distinct from them. Compared to their grizzly bear cousins, these bears are much larger. They have a maximum weight of 1,500 pounds each.

Pretty, an 11-year-old puppy keeps his ground and wags his tail at the beginning of the movie as a bear creeps closer and closer to him. It appears as follows: The large animal isn’t scary, but the Golden Retriever is still barking and firmly planted on his own territory. What happens is as follows: When the bear and dog finally come face to face, Pretty appears more determined than ever to uphold his end of the bargain. The wild animal finally returns to the shadows.

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Make Pretty “Legend” instead of Pretty. Galanin stated in the video that the bear dog has always been trustworthy. Even though the town is well famous for its abundance of bears, incidents like this are common.

“Although we have several bears, I’ve never seen any of them so close together.” The owner of Pretty also wrote that.

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