Deer and Dog Become Friends Over the Fence and Return on a Daily Basis

When Holly Faulconer first observed a deer attempting to collect seed from her bird feeder, she was moved by the brave little fawn.
But pretty soon, the young deer, which she named Sassafras, started showing up for a completely different reason. She wished to meet Huey, the dog of Faulconer, her new best friend.

Deer Befriends Dog Over Fence And Comes Back To Visit Every Day - The Dodo

Huey was saved by Faulconer nine years ago, and the two have been together ever since. Faulconer was surprised when Huey showed symptoms of wanting to get along with Sassafras.

Faulconer told The Dodo that Huey was initially apprehensive and a little bewildered. “I would just communicate with them both to make sure they were safe. Just now, they started talking gently across the fence!
Sassafras now returns frequently to visit her new best friend and share stories. Sassafras occasionally brings her two infants with her when she visits.

Dog and Deer Share Unusual Lovestory - YouTube
It’s really the cutest thing ever, Faulconer added. I enjoy seeing them.
The fact that Huey and Sassafras are of different species is irrelevant to them. Dependability, kindness, and, um, being tall enough to talk over the fence are what really count.

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