A Committed Dog Boards an Ambulance To Go to the Hospital With Its Owner

Anderson Bahi witnessed something the other night in his car that he won’t soon forget.
It was the purest display of love.

Bahi told The Dodo, “I was passing in my automobile when I observed an ambulance parked on the other side of the road.”
It turned out that a man had suddenly become ill on the pavement moments before while walking his dog.
After emergency personnel placed the man into the ambulance to transport him to the hospital, his small dog leapt onto the back bumper and insisted on going with him.
Even though Bahi could only observe from a distance, one thing was still quite evident.
Bahi stated, “The affection this dog has for her owner is something extremely special.” A loyal love. ”

Dog jumps on ambulance to follow ill owner to hospital in Brazil | Daily  Mail Online

When they got to the hospital, the dog’s owner was brought in.

The dog patiently awaited his return outside the hospital entrance while he was away.
Maria Lcia Muniz, a local citizen and animal rescuer, quickly learned about the dog maintaining watch at the hospital door. She offered to put her up for the night.

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The dog just had to wait a little period of time, and her dedication paid off.

According to Muniz, “It was pretty emotional.” But happily, the owner was only hospitalized for 45 minutes. His relatives came to pick him up and take him home with his dog.

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