This Homeless Cat’s Long Search for the Ideal Home Has Been Successful

During the winter, this woman noticed noise coming from her backyard. She found an orange cat that was hardly able to meow as she went in search of the source of the noise.

He was at his partner facility in less than 30 minutes after Simard gave her the go-ahead to transport the cat there. “Seeing him broke my heart,” Simard added.

Simard explained that the cat was not at all feral. “He got into the carrier by himself, and once he got to the vet, he was fairly laid-back; the cat allowed the vet to administer the checkup, the blood test, and the X-rays.” Aslan was the name of the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia, and the cat bears his name.

He was definitely too social to have been born outside, so we initially thought he was a lost cat. He was not neutered and lacked a microchip. We assumed that he had been left behind by careless owners. Because their owners cannot afford to pay for veterinary care, many cats have been abandoned. We searched all over for a lost cat but were unsuccessful.

Aslan also suffered from skin allergies, fleas, worms, diabetes, frostbite, a bite wound that was bleeding, and deteriorating teeth. He needed to stay in the hospital for a few days to be stabilized due to his extremely low blood work before going back to his foster family. The cat underwent surgery to fix his decaying teeth. He also experienced ocular issues, which were surgically treated.

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