The dog climbs the fence to play with the kids next door

Duncan is the name of a puppy who likes to have it all. The 2-year-old Boston terrier unexpectedly discovered he could play with the children who live in the house next door.
The dog will now go huge distances to see his favourite playmates.


Brianne Fritts, Duncan’s neighbour, told The Dodo that “he pretty much immediately started digging at and pushing on the loose planks in the fence.” He does it whenever any of our three children are in the backyard.
Duncan eventually managed to crack a fence slat and started paying the Fritts family his usual visits.


According to Fritts, he came here every day for more than a month. When he cries, we respond by playing with him a few times per day.

The kids even built Duncan his own bed to sleep in when he comes over after he was observed dozing off on the Fritts’ property.

According to Fritts, when he realises we are staying the night or when his owner summons him to eat, he returns on his own, according to Fritts.
Duncan is fortunate that the Fritts’ kids don’t mind when he comes over, especially because they’ve always wanted a dog of their own.

According to Fritts, we essentially have a dog without having a dog. They both adore him.


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