The brother was helped to overcome his strange phobia by a sweet rescue dog

It helps to have a close friend who truly gets you.
Just ask Remy and Clark. Clark and Remy, two rescued dogs, share their home with Jessica Grider. Despite having quite different personalities, the two puppies have been best friends for a very long time.

Remy is the complete opposite of Clark, who is quite extroverted.
Grider explained, “He is simply fearful and timid in most circumstances. To help him calm down, “he wears a thunder jacket a considerable chunk of the time.”

Recently, Grider moved to a new house with her dogs, unknowingly introducing a bizarre new source of Remy’s worry.

Every time Remy had to cross a doorway to get from one room to another in the house, he seemed worried.

Despite the fact that the floors appear to be identical, one is slicker than the other, claims Grider. When they switched places, he started to feel anxious.

Grider tried her hardest to get Remy to enter their new home so he could settle in. But Clark seemed to understand that what Remy really wanted was his trust.

Grider had previously observed Clark assisting Remy in overcoming his fears, but this time she videotaped him doing it. And ever since, there hasn’t been a problem with this new trigger.

“It was quite touching,” you say. stated Grider. Thanks to Clark, Remy has now overcome his phobia of the doorway.


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