Fluffy-eared Pet Dog Resembles Mickey Mouse in Real Life

Goma is known as the “Mickey Mouse dog” because of her fluffy, large grey ears. Goma is only seven years old and resembles an actual anime computer mouse. She is a mix between a Maltese and a Papillon, combining the best traits of the two breeds. Goma has adorable ears that are floppy like those of a Maltese dog and point upward like those of a Papillon dog. Her head is about the same height as the Mickey Mouse-like ears. She resembles a cute koala bear in certain ways.

Goma’s lovely round ears have the power to charm people on Instagram. She currently has a following of more than 100,000 people.

This dog is well-known internet. Goma’s human owner blog updates her Instagram feed with videos and photos of her. People appear to genuinely enjoy them. Both the photos and the videos show Goma going about her day.

This dog is undoubtedly living the high life, going around in her dog backpack and baby stroller. The dog plays with her toys or cuddles in her cozy bed when she is inside. Bow ties, neckties, rabbit ears, and harnesses are just a few of the adorable accessories that Goma has.

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