In Order To Save Her Duck Friends From an Alligator, a Brave Dog Risks Her Life

The gentlest dogs are often retrievers, and Beauty, sweet black lab, is no exception. She adores both people and animals equally, but her three favorite ducks are Dot, Cress, and Downey. Although Beauty’s small duck pals may not share her concerns (according to her owners, anytime Beauty comes close to her companions, they run), Beauty cares for them so deeply that she constantly tries to keep them safe. Nobody, however, would have ever imagined that she would risk her life if it meant saving her friends. But she took that action when she saw that her pals urgently needed help.

Misti Roberts, the dog’s owner said “She is really sweet to them. It’s not what you might expect with a dog and a duck. She adores the ducks and desires to be their friend. And also what she achieved is truly miraculous.

Misti and her family live in Panama City Beach, Florida, close to Lake Powell. The three ducks now have a wonderful opportunity to spend their days swimming. But the Lab always accompanies them to the lake to make sure nothing is wrong. But this time, a terrible event occurred. When an alligator about 10 feet long began chasing the ducks, they were enjoying themselves at the lake.

The hungry animal pursued the terrified ducks despite the fact that they had just come from the water. Even though it nearly cost her her life, it is when Beauty saved the day.

Jasper the labrador is recovering after he was attacked in Manly | Daily  Telegraph

Beauty was able to fight off the alligator and save her friends, but she was injured and needed surgery at the hospital. Thank heavens, though, that she continued because she is currently doing excellent and getting better all the time. And her courageous act will always be remembered.

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