An Unexpected Horse Establishes a Home in Guy’s House

Being a nice neighbour is obviously still alive and well in Dunedin, New Zealand.

The other day, a horse named Sharq sneaked out of her owner’s house and went for a walk around the neighbourhood. Nobody is aware of her journey’s experiences, but we do know where she ended up.

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Sharq ended her voyage by entering a stranger’s house and immediately feeling at home. What is perhaps even more amazing is how casually Sharq was welcomed.

Sharq had finally found someone who would accept her as a member of his family if she needed one. She had taken quite a few liberties as an unwanted visitor.

This Horse Lives Inside Its Owner's House. - WSJ

Ben Telfer-Hynes, the owner of Sharq, was informed of what his horse had accomplished. It wasn’t really that shocking, which was surprising.

Telfer-Hynes told The Dodo, “She’s truly an inside horse, so it was no shock to me when I discovered she was lurking inside this man’s home.” I’m thrilled that she was able to secure such a wonderful residence for a brief period of time.

Horse in the House: He Keeps Coming Back

The horse was restored to her proper home safely and without trouble. But the story of what happened that day isn’t entirely inconsequential. It illustrates how someone who seems unusual to you in Dunedin, New Zealand, is actually just a friend you haven’t yet met.
Neighbors who use the word “neigh” should follow the same reasoning.

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