An Abandoned Dog Who Was Found in a Gas Station Parking Lot Is a Star Petsmart Model

A dog rescue organisation discovered Layla, a 2-year-old golden retrieverh. He was walking around a gas station parking lot, filthy and abandoned. Although they didn’t know her background or how long she had been there, they were sure they could provide her a better future.

The former stray found her forever home a few weeks later, began her modelling career, and provided joy to countless numbers of people. Her biggest supporter is her new mother. Layla’s mother, Rebecca Crews, told The Dodo, “I started taking Layla to work with me at the PetSmart home office shortly after adopting her, and she was fantastic. She makes the ideal desk friend.

She had a natural talent for it. I began offering her additional opportunities for photo shoots, “Crews recalled. She receives treats between takes, gets to play with a toy while getting dressed, and, of course, receives a lot of pets from the crew. Crews met Layla by coincidence while they were walking back from work. Although she had no plans to expand her family, fate had other plans.

Layla The Stray Dog Found In Gas Station Parking Lot, Becomes Star PetSmart Model - The Dodo

The best daytime work buddy for her mum is now Layla. Even though she has appeared in a number of company advertisements, Crews has bigger plans for her gorgeous kid.

According to Crews, Layla is so exceptional that we intend to have her certified as a therapy dog. “We love her to the heart.”

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