A Devoted Dog Spends Six Days Waiting Outside a Hospital for Her Owner

Cemal Senturk was transported by ambulance to his hometown of Trabzon’s Medical Park Hospital. The man’s cherished dog watched over him as he was examined at the hospital. Along with the rest of the family, Boncuk remained at home. The devoted dog, however, was aware that something was wrong with his favorite person and wanted to make him feel better. The family dog left the apartment where they were staying and accompanied Senturk to the hospital.

When the hospital personnel noticed the tiny dog outside the main doors, they informed Senturk’s family. They took the distressed dog home for the night as they live nearby. They returned him the following day. After realizing how devoted the dog was to the person she loved most, the hospital’s administrator took action. Senturk communicated with his beloved furry pet through a window as a result.

“His dog “Boncuk” followed him to the hospital gate and wouldn’t leave for six days until her owner was released,” the hospital’s director Murat Ercan said in a statement. Although Boncuk’s family had taken her in, every day she snuck out to wait outside the hospital gate.

The devoted friend visited her ill owner in front of the hospital every morning for six days. She arrives at the Medical Park Hospital at about a.m. and waits until it gets dark, according to Muhammet Akdeniz, security guard there.
She doesn’t go inside. When the door opens, she pokes her head inside. After six days in jail, Senturk was relieved to be released and to see his devoted dog once more.The two had been good friends since Boncuk was puppy nine years ago, according to Murat Ercan.


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