A Family Finds a Way to Show the World How Much They Love Their Pit Bulls

Michelle Thompson isn’t afraid to admit that pit bulls are her favourite animal in the world.

She initially fell in love with them when she first met her first two pit bulls, which was about 15 years ago.

She quickly came to appreciate how adorable and amazing pitties are. She knew she had to bring them into her family. Jackson and Lola, two pit bulls, are now owned by her and her family.

Family Gets Special Gates With Pit Bulls On Them - The Dodo

Jackson is animated and has a toy obsession, whereas Lola is chill and snorts like a pig. We also refer to her as Ms. Pig or the pig bull.

Thompson’s husband and she just made the decision to instal gates across their driveway. They soon came up with the ideal design as they discussed the aesthetic of the personalised gates.

They chose to make the focal point of the gate out of silhouettes of Lola and Jackson.

Family Gets Special Gates With Pit Bulls On Them - The Dodo

My husband created the idea since we are ardent advocates of pit bulls and will always rescue these dogs, Thompson added. An acquaintance of ours quickly cooked them for us.

Once they were finished, the couple immediately had the gates installed, and they are ecstatic with the results.

When we first saw them, Thomspon remarked, “We were blown away.”

Everyone who has seen the gates so far has adored them because they let the entire world see how Thompson and her family feel about pit bulls.


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