Without Being Afraid, the Little Dog Tells Her Wife That Her Husband Is Hers

When it comes to showing love, Bristol the puppy has plenty to offer, but almost all of it is reserved for her father, Nathan McNeese.

You could say Bristol the small has taken him in and made him her own. And she is not afraid to tell Alicia, McNeese’s wife, about it.

Since she was a puppy, Bristol has been a family member’s pet; nevertheless, she seems to view her position in the family differently. The focus of the tiny dog’s thoughts is Nathan and her.

Alicia said her spouse is her go-to guy. “The bond they share is amazing.”

Bristol adores Nathan and is unwilling to part with him.

To communicate to Alicia that she does not want to share Nathan’s attention, Bristol has developed a unique expression just for her. delivering the message with clarity and conviction.

He’s my man. Sorry Mom.

This unspoken rivalry for Nathan’s affection takes many forms, including this event during a recent road trip. Alicia’s choice to ride shotgun was obviously unpopular with Bristol.

“My head was initially resting on my husband’s shoulder,” Alicia recalled. “When I lifted my head, she took it in place with hers.”

If somebody does, Bristol will be the one to put their head on Nathan.

“I think she thought, ‘He’s my person. “Come on over, Mom,” Alicia pleaded.

Nathan is actually aware of the domestic competition for his affection . Even so, it appears that he would prefer it that way.

“My hubby takes it all in,” Alicia said.

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