The Dog Brings Her Items He Believes She Might Need While Mom Is Taking a Shower

Since they can remember, Fin’s family has known that his favourite pastime is problem-solving.

For him, “every day is a brand-new beautiful experience,” according to Fin Thayer’s mother, Vee Thayer.

For whatever reason, Fin dislikes it when his mother uses the bathroom to take a shower. Maybe it’s the splashing water, maybe it’s the door being closed, maybe it’s just that she’s been in there for so long.

He has therefore made it his duty to pester his mother to reopen the door each time she takes a shower.

He brings her gifts in order to complete this task, and each time they are unique.

My fiancé says that while I’m in the shower, Fin brings them to the door and tries a couple different things to get my attention. I periodically open it to find a range of items; other times, there is just one. When it initially started, Thayer wasn’t exactly sure what was happening, but these days she eagerly anticipates opening the door to see what Fin has chosen to bring her. He occasionally provides shower essentials like shampoo or bathing suits. Sometimes they come as a complete surprise.

“I always say thank you and inspect each item as I open the door. When the door opens, his expression is the cutest combining pride and worry. A similar but considerably altered mystery concerning his father has been created by Fin.

He and his parents like it much, and he has no intention of stopping any time soon.

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