Get to Know Manny The “Selfie Cat” Who Captures Funny Images With Large Guard Dogs

Yorem claimed that Manny accidentally learned how to operate the camera when he reached out to touch it during a session. Manny was no a typical cat. Yorem and his wife also kept other dogs and cats, and Manny quickly became best friends.

When Manny and Yorem first met, he was a stray looking for a place to live when he accidentally came into Yorem and his wife’s property. He quickly became the “alpha” of the pack thanks to his charm and charisma, and he began frequenting Yorem’s Instagram.4

Yorem could tell that Manny liked being in the spotlight after a few photo shoots, both alone and with his brothers. However, the pair didn’t fully appreciate how smart and inquisitive Manny was until an amazing event occurred.

Yorem was photographing his two dogs, Manny, on his Instagram account, as usual, one day when something strange happened. The results were astounding, with numerous images of Manny “napping a selfie” both alone himself and with numerous other people.

Manny has a big personality. His “security team” will frequently sit next to him and smile broadly. Manny has made a guest appearance on Ellen and been highlighted in the international press!

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