A Very Competitive Game of Tetherball Is Being Played by Corgis in Front of the Camera

Lovers of the Corgi The joyful parents of a devoted pack of seven gorgeous puppies are Katrina Griswold and her family. Every outdoor family event features a corgi party, and the dogs are more than capable of keeping themselves entertained with toys. Especially spherical ones.

Competitive Corgis Caught Playing A Very Heated Game Of Tetherball - The  Dodo

“They adore pursuing balls. Griswold revealed  that he was explicitly referring to basketballs or objects of a similar size. They look like tiny Air Buds. Since balls frequently roll around and become lost, the mother of the Griswolds reasoned that it would be lovely to have a ball attached by a rope to keep the enjoyment going. She then bought them a set of tetherballs.
Observing the dogs in action demonstrates their skill:

Corgis playing with soccer ball - YouTube

“We did not at all instruct them! They completed it today! I quote Griswold, “When I first watched them play, I was blown away by their brilliance.”

It’s difficult to state with certainty what the rules are for the corgi-centric tetherball games that they play. However, the most important thing is that they always have a blast.

WeRateDogs® on Twitter: "This is Obi. His mother was a corgi but his father was  a soccer ball. Very rare mix. 14/10 would definitely still pet  https://t.co/uwEs0UDgm0" / Twitter


They’re a lot of fun to watch, Griswold said. “If we let them, they could play all day, and we could watch it all day!”

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