A Courageous Dog Saves His Cat Friend From a Fire

It all began a few years ago with a large explosion in a Ukrainian corporate building. The fire started as a result of the explosion.

Brave Dog Does An Act Of Heroism Rescuing His Cat Friend Out Of The Raging  Fire - Earth Wonders

The area around the fire, including a few close homes, was in intense fire and heavy smoke. Residents had to leave their homes immediately, taking only their most priceless belongings and their pets.

A resident believed his dog would follow him to safety when he let it out in the front yard. The dog, however, walked straight into the fire.

The local was left speechless and unsure of what to do because it was extremely risky for him to follow the dog into the fire.

The owner prayed his dog would return as he watched his home burn. He soon noticed a recognizable shadow leave his house, but it wasn’t just the dog.

He watched his dog emerge from the flames with a kitten, but the family was too far away to rescue it. The owner said: “We were afraid for them when we heard that the dog and the cat were best friends and frequently hung out and played together.”

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