When a Meteor Is About To Crash Into Her Bed, the Owner’s Dog Awakens

He lives in Canada with Toby, a kind and submissive rescue dog named Ruth Hamilton. Since she got the dog, he’s been her constant friend.

But Toby recently demonstrated that he is also her hero. She was deep asleep the previous night in her bed when, at about 11:30, she was startled up by an unexpected sound. It was Toby, and he seemed to have an urgent message.

He twice barked, appearing to say, “Get up!” Hamilton revealed, “The bark was really loud. My family loves to think that I rolled over because of him.

And he made a wise decision in doing so.

Hamilton then heard a crash happen straight overhead. Amazingly, a sizable chunk of a meteor had blasted into Hamilton’s home at a breakneck pace, coming dangerously close to striking the area where she had been sleeping.

“I jumped out of bed. “I was totally uninjured,” Hamilton said. I questioned whether it had really just happened when Toby stopped barking. Hamilton later reported the incident, and it was found that the rock was unquestionably from space and that other nearby witnesses had seen a meteor strike Earth that evening.

Her life may have been saved if Toby had warned Hamilton. But how did the dog know just a few seconds ago?

I was told that occasionally meteors would emit a boom as they entered the atmosphere. Hamilton speculated that perhaps he was reacting to it. “Being a dog, he has better hearing than we have.” However, we can never be sure.

When Toby hears approaching vehicles or animals outside, he has always been quick to alert Hamilton.

But it’s obvious that he’s also keeping an eye out for dangers outside our globe.

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