Owners of Dogs Often Snap More Photos of Their Pet Than of Their Lover

Pet dogs are the best. It is the reason why they are named man’s best friends. They provide us with endless hours of fun and laughter. And they always appear to be happy to see us.

Study shows dog owners take more photos of their pet than their partner

There was a recent study about dog owners’ psychology. It is not surprising that dog owners are more likely to photograph their priceless doggy pups than their wives (or spouses).

Dogs Love Owners More Than They Love Treats, New Study Says

According to the report, one in four dog owners admitted to taking their furry friend on dates. As opposed to 47% of owners who believed it would be more difficult to live without their spouse for a week than their pet dog.

Does My Dog Love Me? | VCA Animal Hospital

Additionally, over 70% of dog owners admitted that “they would bring their dogs to family members’ times. It is compatible with marriage, vacation as well as getaways.”

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