An Enormous Spider Has Spent More Than a Year Living in the Automobile of an Australian Man

Although seeing a spider in your car while driving is definitely not something you want to do, Chris Taylor found it to be beneficial. A spider was on the dashboard when the 42-year-old man noticed it while he was driving through Sydney’s streets. But the man showed no signs of fear or even an attempt to attack it. He kept it instead. It happened almost a year ago. Chris has given his peculiar passenger a name now, and they continue to drive. Steve is still his name.

About year ago, she simply appeared on the dashboard as he came to stop at the light. He allowed her to stay after learning that huntsman spiders are not harmful to humans.
She had numerous opportunities to exit the car, but Steve opted to stay. She has expanded much since she first arrived, so she must like Chris’ automobile.

Chris wondered: “I got her out of my car a few months ago. She was back behind the sun visor the following day. She obviously enjoys riding in my automobile. I’ve observed her growth throughout time, but she was only about half the size she is today.

Few people get as much enjoyment from being in the car as Chris does. People in the car with him are frequently shocked or scream when he drives. “Steve is fantastic at making me more aware while I drive,” she said.

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