A Man Saves a Frozen a Small Bird Trying To Breathe

Many of these birds can be in serious danger when temperatures drop well below the freezing point. When the chilly winter weather struck, the little bird in the picture below was unsure of what to do. The metal pipe next to the water heater is where it became stuck. The small bird’s feet would become wet from drinking water and would become frozen to the metal if it stopped. The bird’s frozen feet could finally move after a brief period of immobility.

On the morning of January 1, Nelson Wilson noticed a lone sparrow perched on the steel fence close to the water tank. Birds frequently drink from the tank of heated water. This bird had obviously urinated on itself. As it attempted to run away in the nearly freezing Idaho weather, it became able to attach to the fence.

My first action was to place my palm on the terrified bird’s feet and the fence. I also made an effort to stop the bird’s wings from flapping by gently securing them. It appeared that warming the bird’s feet with my warm breath would be a quicker way to complete the task, the brave man wrote.

The entire rescue was documented on film. Look around you:


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