The Rescuer Realises She Is Not Alone When She Finds the Dog’s Neck Buried

This week, while working on a Turkish farm in a rural area, veterinarian Soner Büyümez heard a sound that he couldn’t ignore. It had an almost desperate scream-like quality.

“I hurried to the area,” said Büyümez. “A landslide has occurred.” A dog was discovered to be buried alive. Only her head could be seen above the surface.

The dog was having problems. However, as Büyümez would soon learn, she wasn’t just concerned about her own life.

“It saddened me a lot when I first saw her,” said Büyümez.

He was conscious that something needed to be done. Büyümez hurriedly grabbed a shovel and started to dig.

After Büyümez removed the dog’s surrounding mud, another sound could be heard. Although scarcely audible, the sound was clear.

“I heard the howl of pups,” said Büyümez, “and they were below the surface.”

After the first dog was successfully rescued, Büyümez began digging once more to save her puppies.

To the relief of their anxious mother, Büyümez saved a total of seven puppies that were buried alive after their underground tunnel collapsed.

Büyümez’s fast thinking had saved the furry family, who were now secure.

According to Büyümez, the mother dog was a stray trying to make it on her own in that perilous location. She and her children won’t be alone any longer, though.

Their overall health is excellent. “The mother and her pups are safe,” stated Büyümez. “I will care for them as my own.”

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