It Turns Out That Goats Are Able To Read Human Emotions and Are Drawn to People Who Are Happy and Smiling

Except for some monkeys and apes, humans are the only animals that smile to express happiness. A goat’s happiness may be indicated if you give it a happy expression on its face. Researchers at the Queen Mary University of London discovered this.

Turns Out, Goats Can Recognize Human Emotions And Are Attracted To Smiling  And Happy Faces

It turns out that goats are able to recognize happy and sad facial expressions in humans. The researchers discovered this. They visited a sanctuary for goats and showed the goats two images at once. One image featured a smiling face. An angry face could be seen in the other image.

Goats like it best when you smile, new research shows | Mashable

In a small field, the pictures were placed on a wall about three meters apart. The goats were then allowed to play with the pictures in the arena. The goats liked to see happy faces. The photo of a smiling goat attracted the goats’ attention more frequently, and they also spent more time with it. This demonstrates how goats are able to read human emotions and prefer interacting with joyful people. It’s interesting that the goats only preferred the smiling face if the image was on the right. When the goats were on the left, they didn’t give a damn about either image.

Goats can recognise happy humans and are more drawn to those with smiling  faces, study finds | Daily Mail Online

The researchers believe this is because goat brains are thought to work in this manner. Positive emotions are believed to be processed in the left hemisphere of the brain while negative emotions are processed in the right. In any case, the study demonstrated that goats can recognize various human facial expressions. It turns out that goats are smarter than we thought and are able to express our emotions. Goats are so adorable that they often make people happy, which is a good thing.


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