The Girl Brings Horses Into Her Room Unnoticed Because She Adores Them So Much

Because KK can’t stand to be away from horses, he sneaks them into his room. The girl and her horse, Sauce, had done almost everything together since they were both very young.

Girl Sneaks Horse Into Her Room - The Dodo

The young girl’s mother, Ashlie Phillips, occasionally permits the young kid and Willow to hang out indoors as they spend a significant portion of the day together. Naturally, there are certain limitations. For example, the living room is the only place where sauce is allowed. said Ashlie.

Girl Sneaks Horse Into Her Room - The Dodo

They grew up together after we adopted her when she was 2 years old. Willow frequently hangs carelessly in the garden and waits for her at the bedroom window when she wakes up. Due to her love of horses, the girl sneaks horses into her room. KK and Sauce have occasionally disregarded the rules despite their mother’s strict instructions. When Ashlie was preoccupied, she once found that she had missed seeing Willow or KK. After a brief search, she found that they held a small party in the little girl’s room, all of which was kept a secret from her. Ashlie explains:

Girl Sneaks Horse Into Her Room - The Dodo

She remained in the living room after we allowed him to bring her inside. We let her out after he played with her for a while. When he brought her this time, she went right to her room! In order to show her around her room and exhibit her favourite toys, the girl made an effort to take her discretely so as not to draw attention to herself.

Willow adores her tiny pal, and they will undoubtedly keep coming up with adorable and enjoyable activities to do together at cherished locations.

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