A Woman Notices Her Neighbor’s Dog Waiting To Greet Her Every Morning

Sophie Moore felt a little lonely after moving into her new house. She had recently broken up with her ex-partner, and she missed their dog.

Then, early one morning, Moore had a surprise visitor who immediately made him feel at home. Edith, a big black Lab, was seated in front of her kitchen door and begged for entry.

She was initially hesitant about me when I first arrived, but after a few treats and cuddles, Moore said, she quickly warmed up to me.

It didn’t take long for Moore and Edith to create a routine. Every morning, Moore finds Edith anxiously waiting outside the door, prepared for pets, every morning as she awakens. According to Moore, she usually sits outside her front door. She arrives and introduces herself once I open the door. As long as I’m in the kitchen, she will stay.

And Moore is overjoyed to greet her day with a welcoming fuzzy face. According to Moore, when she’s with me, she essentially wants plenty of cuddles and head and butt scratches. She enjoys shoving her head between your legs so that the rest of her body may be used to scratch your rear. Since Edith is free to roam the neighbourhood as she pleases, it is hard to estimate how many homes she visits each day.

Moore, however, found that Edith’s frequent rest stops made it simpler for her to become used to her new life. Since I’ve always had dogs in my life, it has been really tough for me to live without them, said Moore. Therefore, it is clear that Edith has filled the dog-free vacuum in my life.

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