The Lynx-cat Bond Is One of the Most Unusual in Existence

This curious little kitten from St. Petersburg put on her walking shoes and entered the zoo right away in search of food. The good calico found food as well as a friend.

The stray cat was able to find food in some trash and some large chunks of beef in the cage of a lynx exhibit at the zoo.

Either scenario played out. One is that the lynx felt connected to the pet cat, and two is that it realized the roaming had run out of food and was becoming sleepy. Whatever the reason, the calico now frequently visits the lynx and eats all three dishes with her close friend. As the weather chilly, the cat will lean against the lynx to stay warm. The stray calico licks the lynx’s hair in appreciation.

The zoo staff did not go unnoticed, and the pet cat did not deprive the legitimate owner of meat. They measured the lynx’s daily intake to ensure the pet cat wouldn’t suffer from starvation.

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