The Little Dog Needs Support After Being Ignored by a Potential Adopter

The 9-month-old rescue puppy you see here is named Jack, and he is eager to find a caring person who will take him into their heart and home forever.

But just as Jack’s day finally seemed to be here, his hopes were tragically dashed.

American bulldog Jack was brought in as a foster dog with special needs by Peaches Bully Rescue in Ohio. He uses a diaper to prevent accidents because he has spina bifida, which limits his motor abilities. Jack is, nonetheless, a generally healthy and contented dog.

A family to call his own is the one thing Jack most craves. A prospective adoptive recently got in touch with us to say they wanted to see Jack in person. To help Jack present himself in the best possible light, his rescuers scheduled a time and location for their meeting.

On the other hand, the unthinkable occurred on Jack’s big date. They never showed up.

He had a bath, his fancy harness on, a fresh diaper, and a committed foster team that drove 40 minutes each day, but rescuers wrote, “He had all of these things, and it ended in terrible disappointment.”

Jack was happy when a friend who had heard about what had happened decided to bring him a new toy. He had no idea that it would turn out to be only the first of many.

As news of Jack’s being rejected on his big date started to circulate online, more and more gifts and goodies came in from fans all over the world.

“Jack and his crew are so moved by the tremendous support and networking that this community has provided,” Peaches Bully Rescue said. After receiving more than 600 inquiries, we are currently assessing 200 adoption applications.

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