The Latest American City To Forbid the Sale of Pets Is Dallas, Texas

For all of you animal lovers out there, Texas has some good news. As you may be aware, more American cities and states are beginning to forbid the ownership of commercially produced animals. And Dallas is the most recent to do so. The sale of cats and dogs in pet stores was recently outlawed by a unanimous vote of the Dallas City Council. Those who care about animals can consider this a major victory.

Dallas Joins Growing List Of Places That Ban Selling Dogs And Cats In Pet  Stores - DodoWell - The Dodo

According to the Humane Society, 500,000 dogs are kept in cruel conditions in dog breeding facilities across the nation. These places are typically full and unsafe. The recent ruling brings us one step closer to putting an end to puppy mills. CBS spoke with Karen Froehlich, an employee of the SPCA of Texas.

The local humane pet stores in Dallas don’t sell puppies. Instead, adopt out puppies in need of loving homes will benefit from this ordinance, the woman claimed.

Florida Bill Threatens to Protect Puppy Mills and Puppy-Selling Pet Stores  | ASPCA

The Humane Pet Store Ordinance, put forth by the Texas Humane Legislation Network in 2021 and taking effect in November, was first proposed. The only store in Dallas that still sells live animals is Petland. Meanwhile, in the same interview with CBS 10 News, Operation Kindness employee Ed Jamison stated: “We’re proud to see that the city of Dallas is once again putting the needs of dogs and cats first.”

The owners of the Texas Humane Legislation Network claim that pet shops should not sell puppies and kittens in Dallas, 9 other Texas cities, and 400 additional cities.

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