The Dog Walks Around the Police Station After Entering To Report Himself Missing

Last week, in the early morning hours, a surprise visitor entered the Texas city of Odessa Police Department via the doors and jumped up onto the counter.

The polite dog was eager to inform the authorities that someone had gone missing from their home.

Sergeant Rusty Martin, who was one of the policemen there to welcome him, said that the puppy didn’t seem too upset about being a “lost dog.” He mostly just appeared to be looking for a good time, which he did.

Martin said, “We were all thrilled to have him in the building.” We had a tennis ball and played around with it in the foyer. Everyone embraced him. The people in authority enjoyed the dog’s unexpected company, but they didn’t dismiss the issue he had first raised. But problems with the solution soon arose.

Despite the dog’s wearing a collar without an ID tag, animal control was contacted to check for a microchip.

Prior to their arrival, however, everything had changed.

After deciding he’d been “lost” for long enough, the dog reportedly found his own way back to his family.

Martin claimed in a Facebook post about the incident that “he rushed out just as soon as he came in.” The dog’s owner responded the following day to confirm that the animal was really his and had returned home. He lives about a mile from the train station.

Even though it was a case he created himself, the Chinook dog had solved his first case.

Martin exclaimed, “I was stunned. He may meet the requirements for the job.

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